Privacy policy

Being fully aware of the trust users place in the website, being aware of their responsibility for the protection of Users’ privacy and realizing the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, we decide to implement the following Privacy Policy.

This document is a testimony to the awareness of the website of privacy problems on the Internet. The following Privacy Policy includes the principles of collecting and disseminating information about customers, which are binding in the service.

The Service limits the use and collection of information about Users to the minimum required to provide services at the highest level. The User’s data is not made available in any other way than the one resulting from the purpose of the Website and the scope of the consent and statements, information and data given to Users to any other third parties without a legal basis prescribing such action. Transmission of the above mentioned information shall take place only at the request of the competent authorities of the State, in particular upon presentation of appropriate documents proving the need to have such data in order to carry out forward-looking operations.

The Website provides Users with the execution of rights resulting from the Act on Personal Data Protection, in particular the User has the right to inspect their personal data and the right to correct them and demand their removal. declares:

– the intention to take all necessary measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the individual in relation to the security of personal data;

– the intention to continuously raise awareness and qualifications of the data controller’s staff who process personal data, in particular with regard to the security of such data;

– the intention to treat the obligations of persons employed in the processing of personal data as falling within the categories of core employee obligations and to vigorously enforce them by the persons employed;

– the intention to undertake necessary cooperation with institutions set up for the protection of personal data.

We would like to inform you that data entrusted by Users is stored on the highest class equipment in appropriately secured information storage centres, to which only authorized persons have access. The risk of losing any data in the event of a failure caused by external factors is reduced to a minimum.

While implementing the Privacy Policy with respect to personal data protection, the Service uses appropriate IT, technical and organizational means ensuring the protection of personal data processed, appropriate to the threats and categories of data covered by the protection, in particular:
– protects data against unauthorized access,

– taking by an authorized person,

– processing in violation of the Act on personal data protection,

– alteration, loss, damage or destruction.

If any irregularities or threats caused by persons who do not comply with the law and regulations of the Service are detected, we cooperate with the police, prosecutors, courts to assist in the identification of perpetrators of crimes.

The use of IP addresses of users serves only to diagnose problems connected with server operation, analysis of security breaches and service management. This information is in no way combined with the personal data of Users. The service makes exceptional use of cookies, which facilitate the use of its resources. Cookies are small text messages sent by the service provider’s server and saved on the hard drive of the computer used by the user. The information stored in the “cookies” file may be read by the server of the Website when reconnected to this computer or may be read by other servers or other Internet users. The stored “cookies” are used solely for the purpose of maintaining the User’s session (after logging in), thanks to which the User does not have to enter the User’s name and password on each website, create statistics of the audience for our content partners and advertisers, present Internet advertisements with the content closest to the User’s interests and create Internet surveys and protect them against repeated voting by the same persons. These files do not collect User’s personal data, do not change the configuration of his or her computer, do not serve to install or uninstall any computer programs, viruses or trojans, do not interfere with the integrity of the system or User’s data, and may be deleted by the User at any time.

Disabling cookies in your browser does not prevent you from accessing the service resources.
Users’ contact information is used primarily to make contact with them when necessary. Among these messages, it should be noted: information directly related to the operation of the service or advertising content related to the commercial activity of the service and its contractors. Service Administrator will contact the Users by means of electronic mail and telephone contact.

Users of the service have the possibility of direct e-mail contact with the service staff via e-mail. Users who have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, the practices concerning the protection of personal data used in the Service, or who wish to have access to their personal data, correct or delete them, are asked to send the relevant information via the form provided under this link.